Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors
Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors
Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors

Drouth “Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors”


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Translation Loss is excited to announce the vinyl reissue of DROUTH'S stunning debut record “Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors”.  Features all new artwork courtesy of DROUTH's frontman Matt Stikker (Power Trip, Witch Vomit, Outer Heaven).  Finally seeing a proper vinyl release, “Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors” and its hybrid blackened-death spectrum has never been presented in a more stunning manner! 

 "On every level, this band is full of blackened fury and never lets up on the listener! I am a HUGE fan of the vocalist, whose style and delivery is totally scathing and unhinged. Musically, DROUTH knows how to write the kind of songs that pummel your skull, but at the same time gives the listener caves of sonic empathy to wander through." –CVLT Nation

 ***There are two colors of vinyl to choose from!


Version 1:

Milky Clear with Splatter Edition (limited to 300 copies)

Version 2:

Custom Tri-Color Merge with Splatter Edition (limited to 200 copies)

*All pictures are digital mock up representations of the final vinyl.  The end result may look slightly different if not better! 


ALL LPs come housed in heavy 350 gsm weight stock Jacket and insert!