Forged in Chaotic Spew LP
Forged in Chaotic Spew LP
Forged in Chaotic Spew LP

Thra “Forged in Chaotic Spew LP”


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Phoenix. AZ’s THRA present their crushing debut full length entitled “Forged in Chaotic Spew”. Nine tracks of doom laden death metal intertwined with an inherent groove, “Forged in Chaotic Spew” will hit hard where it needs to and turn many heads with their unique take on metal.

For fans of Hell, Conan, Frozen Soul, Coffin Rot, Irkallian Oracle

******This limited vinyl pressing is being made by the fine folks at Burlington Record Pressing.

***This is a Preorder! The projected release date for the physical version of this record is currently August 25th, 2023, but we could get the stock earlier than expected or there could be delays due to manufacturing issues during the current climate.  We will ship these as soon as they are ready and in hand.  If you order anything else with this preorder, your entire order will be held until everything is ready to ship.


Version 1:

Metallic Gold Edition (limited to 150 copies)

Version 2:

Custom Tri-Color Handpour Merge / Swirl Edition (limited to 100 copies)

*All pictures are digital mock up representations of the final vinyl.  The end result may look slightly different if not better!