No Interference (Reissue) CD

Dysrhythmia “No Interference (Reissue) CD”


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Dysrhythmia’s astounding progressive / instrumental rock masterpiece “No Interference” (originally released in 2001) is finally back in print! This “No Inference” reissue finds itself being the true genesis for Dysrhythmia’s signature sound and features live bonus material from the bands original lineup. Over the years Dysrhythmia have released 8 ground breaking records with the likes of Profound Lore and Relapse along side members joining the ranks of legendary Canadian technical death metal act Gorguts.

"Dysrhythmia is a band unplagued by any similar fear of genre-crossing, as they seek to prove that the door is capable of swinging at least one way." -Pitchfork

"You might hear vague shadows of Iron Maiden, Don Caballero, and Discipline-era King Crimson, but Dysrhythmia's sound is very much their own." -The Austin Chronicle